Thé hardware keylogger to capture, read and execute keystrokes via Wi-Fi or SMS.

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The KEYVILBOARD is a self-designed PCB of high quality with original parts that is made by hand in Holland. The modularity of the KEYVILBOARD makes it possible to attach any UART based chip. The software where the KEYVILBOARD runs on is entirely open-source and adjustable to your liking. This makes the KEYVILBOARD the most transparent, reliable and modulair solution to this date, making this a must-have for Cyber Security professionals around the globe.

keylogger hardware keyvilboard pcb
SMS keylogger hardware keyvilboard pcb
Wi-Fi keylogger hardware keyvilboard pcb

About us

What started as a hobby project in 2017 is now what we can proudly call, the KEYVILBOARD. We are two students that met each other because we both needed extra challenges that were missing in the study. This is a product that was created out of ambition and passion, but also frustration. The frustration that there was not enough difficulty in the study, the frustration that there was not a transparent and reliable keylogger on the open market.

That is the goal of this product – providing a keylogger that is transparent and reliable. The keylogger that allows you to fully control which software is running on it. Using the KEYVILBOARD we can raise awareness in society about the threat these kind of devices pose and make the world a safer place by doing so.

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